Project Description

Welcome to the home of the Yumii Kettle Corn Company. For the uninitiated, kettle corn is an addictive variety of popcorn. Kernels are immersed in corn oil over a piping hot kettle, then mixed and stirred with just the right amount of sugar. The young kernels mature into perfectly sweet pieces of popcorn and are promptly poured into a sifting bin to remove the unpopped “old maid” kernels. We dust a light coating of salt across the popcorn and then it’s bagged, sealed, and delivered to you. Slightly sweet, lightly salted, fresh popped kettle corn.

We’re a family run business out of Delaware, Ohio. We offer our delicious bags of kettle corn & steamed bagel sandwiches at various events around Columbus, Ohio and sell our kettle corn through our website. Our recipes use only the best ingredients and we hand pop our bags as the orders come in, so you always get the freshest Yumii products you want. We appreciate you checking us out and hope you have a Yumii day!